Thursday, 9 April 2020

Kaitlin Johnson Inspirations

As a continuation of our Studio Project, we checked in on Oakville, ON artist Kaitlin Johnson to see what's been keeping her busy & inspired during her weeks of self isolation, including what she's been creating, cooking, and her window view. She replied with a fantastic video to illustrate her story.

Kaitlin: I’m lucky my studio is in the house so that I’m able to work during this time. I’m trying not to push myself too hard and just doing little bits whenever I can. I’ve been working on some abstract pieces lately, letting myself explore and seeing what comes up. I normally have music blaring while I’m working but it’s been quiet in my studio – so I can hear what everyone’s up to upstairs!

Definitely need at least two to three cups of coffee with cream first thing in the morning to get me going. There’s been lots of snacking to keep morale high and I’ve been doing quite a bit of baking with my kids, so trying to balance that with getting exercise everyday. 

I love opening the blinds early in the morning so I can see people walking by and the sun starting to come up. Just finding ways to feel connected and stay positive through this time.

Thank you for sharing Kaitlin! We love watching you create your bright, floral acrylic beauties.

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