Friday, 22 May 2020

Sharon Barr Inspirations

As a continuation of our Studio Project, we checked in on Toronto artist Sharon Barr to see what's been keeping her busy & inspired during her time in self-isolation, including what she's been creating, cooking, reading, as well as her view on the world. She replied with some great answers & photos to accompany them.
Some of my favourite books
To be perfectly honest, it’s a challenging time to be super productive. I feel the planet is coaxing us to slow down and I’m listening to that. After all, she is my inspiration and teacher.

My daily schedule has changed to include getting up earlier, more meditation and work in sketchbooks and journals, very long walks, some painting and yes, you guessed it, more baking. I’ve also used this time to look over my art books and I have always loved literature and look for inspiration there.
Harley on his daily Lake Ontario walk
My neighbourhood is filled with parkland and of course, Lake Ontario never ceases to stop me in my tracks with its unspeakable beauty.  How fortunate are we to live beside the largest bodies of fresh water on the planet! Our dog Harley is 15 years old but that doesn’t stop him from taking daily walks with me. This allows me the space I need to create.

My favourite spot in Kew Gardens
I have walked through Kew Gardens countless times for quiet and inspiration and come from a long line of family members that loved it as well. My grandmother used to stroll through Kew when my mom was in a stroller!

My studio is surrounded by a small city garden, and I find in the spring and summer I divide my time equally between the two. Right now, seedlings need to grow up and go outside because they are starting to sprawl on the studio.

I’m working on some 24 x 24 inch paintings. I don’t think I hide the fact that I have great difficulty scaling down to smaller work; my true passion lies in large work. But small pieces keep me humble and I have deep respect for artists that can work on both large and small with ease.
Smaller paintings in progress

Some words from the artist herself

Wishing all health and beauty! Let’s continue to dance, sing and paint....after all, these are true expressions of our human spirit.

Thanks Sharon for the update, along with a peek into your life, beautiful studio, and gorgeous work. We wish you health & beauty as well.

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