Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Donna Andreychuk Inspirations

To expand upon our Artist Studio ProjectCanvas Gallery asked Delaware, ON artist Donna Andreychuk a few questions to find out what's been keeping her creativity flowing over the past month of self-isolation, including what she's been making, cooking, drinking, reading, listening to and her view of the world. She shared her story along with some beautiful imagery and videos of the things that keep her inspired. 
Most of my time is spent at home. I can safely isolate here, but I am distracted and worried, and at times, shockingly calm. I live in a lovely home with space, my fantastic husband, a beautiful yard and the best dog ever. We have no shortage of food and drink.

This is an afternoon view. Usually cocktail hour (on the days we have cocktails) we have a HomePod and Siri plays whatever we ask. There has been a lot of John Pryne of late, and I have listened to him all of my adult life. Rick did not. So we both found that interesting. I am more of folk girl I guess.

We both love Jazz, and rock. I love love love choral music, so Sundays are a good CBC day for that. 

I listen to the CBC at the studio a lot, but most painting is done in silence. Some people will enjoy a glass of wine when they paint, I don’t, coffee yes. My son had a Kurig machine that he wasn’t using, so I use it at the studio now. Its perfect for there as I come and go. 
A new palette from a few weeks ago...
My drink of choice as Megan knows is a Pinot Grigio, the dryer the better. I seem to be looking forward to my wine more often these days. Honestly, who isn’t?
Red Wine Spritzer
White Wine with Blueberries
White Wine Spritzer, my favourite blanket, my dog, a bird feeder, and sunshine.
We had a waterfall feature installed about five years ago. We had to take it all apart this spring move rocks and patch leaks etc., but it’s like brand new now. 

A painting of My Mom .... always in the studio looking out for me and our family.
My upstairs hallway...
Some reading material...
A sketch of my dog..

Salad in cousin Wanda's pottery, farm fresh scrambled eggs, oatmeal, & White Fish with mango...

And finally, some inspirational words spoken from the artist herself, including one of her latest gorgeous landscapes.

"Immersed in Nature" oil on canvas, 48" x 60" $4900

Thank you Donna for providing us with a peek into your life and all of the things keeping you inspired. We love you and your beautiful art, which inspires us!

To view available works by Donna Andreychuk, please visit

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